Looking for a holistic nutrition specialist in Gatineau? Call upon our team at Clinique Poids Santé for your health and nutrition needs. We will gladly offer you personalized service as per your specific needs and goals.

Our nutritional approach

Customized nutrition is ideal for anyone who suffers from eating disorders. Each individual is different and therefore needs to be treated in a unique way based on his or her needs. Here is an overview of the type of coaching and support you will receive from our team at Clinique Poids Santé in Gatineau: 

  • Testing and analysis for food intolerances; 
  • Analysis and daily follow-ups of your food diary;
  • Dietary advice based on pre-existing eating habits; 
  • Food monitoring advice according to the individual;
  • Personalized menu built according to your health goals; 
  • Calculation and monitoring of portions;
  • Calculation and monitoring of eating habits.

Nutrition and digestive health

Nutrition and digestion are inseparable concepts. You simply cannot talk about one without considering the other! Our team at Clinique Poids Santé in Gatineau will be able to support you through your digestive disorders.

Digestion, absorption and elimination of food are at the core of our health. Consequently, they will also be at the heart of consultations with our team. All our digestive health programs and protocols are conceived to optimize our clients’ digestion.

Understanding nutrition

In addition to helping you optimize your daily dietary habits, our team at Clinique Poids Santé also aims to help you have a better understanding of the numerous aspects which affect your digestion and nutrition in the short, medium and long term. 

Our holistic nutritional consultant will take time with you to go over all the little details which impact your health. Moreover, he will identify and efficiently pin down elements that influence your nutrition.