Crohn’s, psoriasis and chronic Inflammation

Awesome services!

I would like to thank Robert for all that you’ve done for me.

I started with your services in October 2019. When we met, I’d been suffering from ulcerative colitis and/or Crohn’s disease for years, I also had psoriasis and iritis. My symptoms were constant and severe and all because of body inflammation. After all those years and nothing seemed to relieve my symptoms, I needed a new approach.

That’s when “Gastro Pro”, Robert Martin came in….with a change in my diet and supplements protocols, relief came quickly.

By November, I could already feel less crampy/bloated and my energy was up. As time went on, most of my Crohn’s symptoms had subsided. I was getting less cramping in my eyes, meaning my iritis symptoms were also diminishing. Wow, this was almost a miracle to me.

We have now completed six months of working together and I’m now on a maintenance program

Today I’m a new person, I’m feeling my best and I’m very grateful for you Robert and the changes that came my way because of you.

I’m happy to say that my psoriasis is almost all gone also. I’m so excited, summer is looking better for me this year.

Awesome services! I would recommend Robert at Gastro Pro to anyone with a bad gut and/or with any type of body inflammation.

Louise Trottier-Mason
Kanata, Ontario